Botcon 2015

BotCon2015webcenterREVEALThe theme for Botcon 2015 has been revealed: Cybertron’s Most Wanted!

They’re Criminals.

Nefarious Outlaws.

Hunted Fugitives.

And the planet’s only hope.

Botcon 2015 will be held from June 18th – 21st at the Pheasant Run Resort, Chicago Illinois. Check the official Botcon site for reservation information. Further information will be available on Botcon’s official Twitter feed.


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Masterpiece Ultra Magnus

Takara-Tomy has posted a stop motion video of the forthcoming Masterpiece Ultra Magnus on their official YouTube channel. The short features Ultra Magnus alongside other Masterpiece figures to demonstrate the scale of the figure, and a transformation sequence that shows, among other things, that the cab is an integrated part of the larger figure and does not have to be removed during transformation.

The figure is expected to be available in late December.

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Robot Heroes under a new name?

tiny titans assortmentMultiple Transformers sites are reporting that “Tiny Titans” figures will be available as a part of the “Robots in Disguse” toyline in 2015. These figures appear to be very similar to the now-defunct “Robot Heroes” line of non-transforming figures that were available in 2007 and 2008.

Made of PVC and standing only two inches high, these figures are posed in various action stances, and will likely have very little in the way of articulation. Retail price per figure is unknown at this time.

The Tiny Titans are expected to arrive at retail in early 2015.


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Image gallery of Combiner Wars Superion

SuperionThanks to poster blacklai of for a good look at the upcoming Combiner Wars Superion (though note that they are using Dragstrip as one of the arms rather than all five Aerialbots ).

The gallery contains multiple pictures of the combined figure in various poses, which gives a good indication of the range of movement that it’s capable of.

The hands and feet are interchangeable, so any of the smaller figures can be either an arm or a leg, as was the case with the original G1 combiners.

The figures should begin arriving at retail during Spring 2015.

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Combiner Wars Dragstrip


dragstripThanks to both TFW2005 and Cybergeeks Alliance for sharing new images of Combiner Wars Dragstrip. Pictures of Dragstrip in-package can be found here.

The figure will be Deluxe Class, and will be available at retail in early 2015.

Combiner Wars features new versions of the classic Generation One gestalts Superion and Menasor, and is the result of Hasbro and IDW collaborating to have the toyline on store shelves while the storyline is explored in IDW’s ongoing Transformers series.

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IDW’s John Barber and Mairghread Scott “Combiner Wars” Interview

CombinerWarsObviously, SPOILERS.

Newsrama has an interview with IDW Comics’ editor/writer John Barber and writer Mairghread Scott about next year’s Combiner Wars comic crossover event series.

Info like the art being done by Livio Ramondelli and Sarah Stone is interesting, as those two artists’ current Transformers comics art styles couldn’t be much further apart in most ways.

The comics will treat Combiner Wars as an arms race, and the search for new colonies may start to bear fruit.

And is “Transformers: Robots in Disguise” getting renamed just in time for the new cartoon of the same name?

Read all this and more on Newsrama.


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SDCC14: Photo Coverage



Our photo coverage of Transformers at San Diego Comic Con 2014 is now complete. Check out the shared coverage at our SDCC partner site,

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SDCC 14 Hasbro Transformers Panel Coverage

comic-con-sold-out[1]comic-con-sold-out[1]sdcc-2014-logoThe Hasbro Transformers panel for San Diego Comic Con International 2014 began Thursday the 24th promptly at 11am. The dais included Hasbro’s director of marketing Jerry Jivoin, senior manager Sarah Carroll, and product designer Sean Isabella.

Sarah started the panel off with Rescue Bots, focusing on Dinobots this year, a bit of a tie in with the movies.

Other kid-focused items include Hero Mashers, Battle Masters (the puppet-like Rock’em Sock’em Robots-type toy), KreO Battle changers (the first KreO sets that convert without being taken apart, 75-85 pieces each set, this November, Optimus, Grimlock, Starscream, and Bumblebee), Angry Birds Transformers which is coming out this fall (with 2 ways to play: Telepods figures that actually transform and beam into the game, and Jenga Race & Crash), the movie line kid toys like Stomp and Chomp Grimlock – an item Jerry says challenges every other toy company out there for Toy of the Year, but he admits he might be biased, and Construct Bots.

Generations showed off everything for 2014 already, so reveals for 2015 will come later in the panel. (…more)

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Botcon 2014: Hasbro Panel Write-Up

BotCon2014webcenterDuring Botcon 2014′s second day, Saturday, June 21st, the Hasbro Transformers brand hosted an outstanding panel showing off new products. This year’s slideshow images are already available in a gallery, here are the details given on each release mentioned during the slideshow for Generations, Age of Extinction, and more Transformers brands.

On the panel were Ben Montano, brand development; Lenny Panzica, senior product designer; Mark Maher, paint; Bill Paukert and John Warden, product design managers; and Mark Weber, global brand development manager.

Hasbro wanted to congratulate the Generations line for finding a strong enough audience to stick around during a movie year and thus “not getting pushed around by Michael Bay.” While there were just 9 collector figures in 2012, 2013 brought 54 and 2014 will bring 73. (…more)

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Botcon 2014: IDW Comics Panel Coverage

IDW-bannerOn Botcon 2014’s final day, Sunday, June 22nd, IDW Comics was the focus of an impressive panel. IDW publishes Transformers comics, including a pair of monthly ongoing books – Robots in Disguise (RID), and More than Meets the Eye (MTMTE) – as well as fan-choice character Windblade’s titular miniseries, and a semi-regular digital-first series which will be continuing soon with Primacy. This summer will also begin IDW’s crossover series, the wild new series Transformers vs. GI Joe. And a new limited-series online motion comic is starting up right now called Transformers: Punishment.

The panel included the most IDW talent every assembled on one stage, according to Transformers editor John Barber, saying that were the stage to collapse, there would be no more IDW Comics. Writer/editor John Barber, writer James Roberts, artist Andrew Griffith, writer Mairghread Scott, artist Sarah Stone, and artist Livio Ramondelli. (…more)

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