What do you think of the AOE Dinobots toys? good? bad?

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What do you think of the AOE Dinobots toys? good? bad?

Postby Tigermegatron » Fri Nov 07, 2014 2:26 am

I'm referring to the more complicated AOE Generations Dinobots toys. Not the ones that are easier to transform and are brick-formers.

Personally, I think they are all more miss than hit.

Think it was a bad idea to color the mass release retail store versions of the AOE Generations Dinobots in those Terrible neon G-2 toy colors. I think it's a scummy bad move on Hasbro's part to expect fans to pay double-tripple prices for the SDCC G-1 deco or platinum movie toy colors.

Hate all of the Robot sculpted heads for the AOE Generations Dinobots toys. Think their super ugly even by TF Movie verse robot heads standards, which are already low.

Don't care for any of the robot modes sculpts on any of the AOE Generations Dinobots toys. Think They all look terrible.

Think the best part is is the Dino modes on the AOE Generations dinobots. But even this has it's negatives like Slug's Dino mode being too rounded off that it looks like a organic BW Neo Dino beast mode. Strafe-swoop might have been okay if it didn't have 2 dino heads and 2 dino tails. Voyager Grimlock's tail weapon is terrible and so are sludge's weapons.

Dislike the extra Two Dinobots character toys,Scorn and Slash, for the AOE Generations toy line. Think these are the worse looking and worse sculpted AOE Dinobots of the lot.

About the only AOE Generations Dinobot toy I'd reccommend is Leader scale Grimlock.

I saw a whole bunch of newer AOE Generations toys in stores today that I've never seen in stores. Finally saw AOE Generation Voyager Drift. Saw AOE Generations Snarl today at Target. Saw that TRU 2 pack of 1.0 Voyager Optimus done up in chrome with the AOE Generations voyager Optimus toy. Saw a few AOE Generation deluxe new updated car-bot bumblebee toy. Didn't buy anything as I just don't like the AOE TF4 toy line.
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Re: What do you think of the AOE Dinobots toys? good? bad?

Postby Onslaught Six » Fri Nov 07, 2014 8:42 am

Think it was a bad idea to color the mass release retail store versions of the AOE Generations Dinobots in those Terrible neon G-2 toy colors

This was actually the primary reason I started buying them. I think if they were all dull gunmetal gray and silver, I would have passed on them entirely. Give it a little colour! Jesus! I mean, I've been looking at Lockdown every day after work, and every time I pass on him, because he's just a big hunk of dark grey and silver plastic that I don't care about. If he had some of the green accents from the Animated or ROTF incarnations, I'd be doubly interested. But he doesn't, so I don't care!
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Re: What do you think of the AOE Dinobots toys? good? bad?

Postby JediTricks » Sat Nov 08, 2014 9:02 pm

I have Voyager Grimlock and Deluxe Strafe and Scorn, and honestly, they come up short. The sculpting looks good from far but up close it's far from good. The mass retail decos on them just seem too much like "little children like colors, here's more color!" rather than any sort of actual logic to it - I saw Snarl today, yuck, this thing is like infected mucuous. That said, Slog looks like shit too all gray and dull as fuck. But I also don't like the sculpting, it's just a mess of half-baked premises and ideas that either don't look good or have some annoying sacrifice.
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Re: What do you think of the AOE Dinobots toys? good? bad?

Postby BWprowl » Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:32 am

As disenchanted as I am with AoE as a film and as ambivalent as I am about the rest of the toyline (I think I’ve bought, like, three non-Dinobots) I am absolutely in love with the Dinbots from the line. They mix the streamlined Bayformer look they’ve been going for in this installment with an equally new, almost demonic beast-aesthetic, with a toyetic Hasbro touch for the figures themselves, to create something wonderfully ‘new’ as far as the toys go. They’ve got that consistent knight/armored warrior aesthetic that unifies them as a line and group well (pointed toes!) and several of them show off new, unique transformations (especially Slog and Slash, though Grimlock’s no slouch either). I don’t mind the colors at all, since while they’re hardly ‘realistic’, they aren’t eye-searing or garish by any means (with the possible exception of Slash, but he wears it well), they’re just distinctive and toyetic, which I think is the most you can ask for from transforming knight-robot dinosaur action figures. And as Six said, it’s immensely preferable to them all being dull grey.

Biggest weakness really is that so many of them suffer from Sideways Hands. It utterly cripples Slog’s options (fortunately you can just mount the lances over his shoulders as cannons and deploy his knuckledusters instead, and he’s awesome) and makes things difficult for Strafe (who has an awesome robot mode otherwise). Overall though, they are EXACTLY what Transformers should be: Distinctive, interesting figures that are cool, FUN TOYS above all.

They also feel like the second coming of DinoZone, if DinoZone actually had interesting transformations this time around. That’s a bonus.

I wish we were getting more. I’d love to see and archaeopteryx or a plesiosaur done in this aesthetic/style. Shit, I’d buy a billion more of these over more cars turning into Bumblebee.
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