new "Transformers '84" series announced

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new "Transformers '84" series announced

Postby Dominic » Thu Jan 30, 2020 2:18 pm

Apparently, somebody liked the zero issue published last year, because IDW is publishing more "stories you never knew about" that (allegedly) tie in with the main series. Based on the description of the first issue, it looks like IDW is now applying the "almost heroic" model to retro-Marvel Megatron.

I suspect that IDW made this decision based on the sales of the zero issue more than response, which was almost uniformly negative. The problem is that sales numbers are based on what comic stores order (through Diamond), not what people actually bought. And, that does not even begin to reflect on what people who actually bought the comic thought of it.

After the zero issue, (which was contrary both in tone and context to the early Marvel issues), I am deeply skeptical about this series. Admittedly, I am likely to buy it. But, I am not expecting it to be any good.
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Re: new "Transformers '84 series announced

Postby andersonh1 » Mon Feb 03, 2020 1:33 pm

I meant to give that one-shot a try but I don't think I ever saw it in my LCS. I may give the ongoing a shot. I'm enjoying the current series enough that I'm not sure I feel the need for a second monthly Transformers book though.
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