CW Protectobots found in Walmart computer system by employee

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CW Protectobots found in Walmart computer system by employee

Postby Tigermegatron » Tue Nov 25, 2014 8:04 am ... /news.html

The Allspark is reporting that an anonymous Wal-Mart employee has leaked a new batch of inventory listings. Among these are a group of new Deluxe and Legends figures featuring familiar Protectobot names, lending weight to long speculation that Defensor would join the Combiner Wars. The list also backs up additional fan theories of how some team members may be utilized, as well as giving us two possibly unrelated new items coming in 2015. Keep reading for the list and more details!
Generations Legends Groove
Generations Legends DPT Viper
Generations Legends Warpath
Generations BLD (Blades)
Generations Street (Streetwise/Streetsmart)
Generations First Aid
Generations Protectobot Rook

It's been thought that Groove may become a Legends Class figure for better vehicle scaling to the rest of the team, an idea borne out by this information. Replacing his position is Rook, who at this stage should be assumed to be simply a name reuse rather than an homage to the older Botcon-created character. Warpath adds to the roster of traditionally smaller characters being revisited in Legends scale, leaving DPT Viper as the real mystery. This may be a placeholder title, perhaps descriptive of the vehicle form - a Dodge Viper? As with most of the leaks over the past month or so, we can expect to learn more and get first looks at these toys at Toyfair in February.
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