Animated Series discussion thread (spoilers allowed)

Some cartoon with big chins and a little girl that got beloved by fans and taken off TV to make way for a different show on another network. Yeah, that's fair.
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Re: Animated Series discussion thread (spoilers allowed)

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Onslaught Six wrote:
and they didn't even get a planet-wide heroes welcome.
The word came down that S3 would be the last while the last few episodes were still in production. The "return home to Cybertron" was (very clearly) a last-minute addition to give the series some closure.
Bringing home Megatron without fanfare would have been dull and felt hollow, IMO.
See, that one's a camcorder, that one's a camera, that one's a phone, and they're doing "Speak no evil, See no evil, Hear no evil", get it?

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