Toy Fair 2016 RiD Edition

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Toy Fair 2016 RiD Edition

Postby Sparky Prime » Tue Feb 16, 2016 6:12 pm

In addition to the Generations coverage, several new Robots in Disguise figures were shown at New York Toy Fair...

First up, a trailer for Season 2 (which begins February 20th) was revealed.

Optimus Prime will be getting a partner named Aerobolt which along with Prime's trailer will provide him with a winged power-up form known as Power Surge Optimus Prime.
Platinum Edition Grimlock and Bumblebee 2 pack, with a FoC version of Grimlock remolded to resemble his RiD counterpart.
Warrior Class figures
Windblade, Scorponok, Power Surge Optimus Prime

And finally, the Robots in Disguise Display.
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