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Re: New cartoon: Robots In Disguise

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2016 3:19 pm
by Sparky Prime
Season 2 has wrapped up... in the UK. Not sure why Cartoon Network in the US is lagging behind so much, other than Cartoon Network is always terrible to shows they can't control or profit off of the toyline. But anyway, since the episodes are available, I wanted to share some thoughts.

Unfortunately, season 2 really doesn't do much differently from season 1. A majority of the season is still simply the Autobots capturing Decepticon fugitives, with a hint of a larger coming threat going on in the background. The biggest difference in this season is that episode plots alternate between two Autobot teams, with Optimus, Windblade, Sideswipe and Drift becoming the "Stealth Away Team" to track down Decepticons who have moved further away from the crash site, while Bumblebee, Strongarm and Grimlock remain at the base and continue handling local threats.

Season 2 overall... I wish they'd they'd done more of what they did in this season in the first season. And a lot of the problems I had with season 1 are still present. So many of the episodes just feel like filler with the more interesting developments hardly touched upon and/or rushed at the end of the season.

Re: New cartoon: Robots In Disguise

PostPosted: Sun Jan 01, 2017 9:40 pm
by Sparky Prime
Season 2.5
The Autobots decide to do some cleaning up, revisiting their old bases to remove any Cybertronian artifacts left behind, only to discover there is a new band of Decepticons on Earth who are relic hunters, and armed with some new Mini-Cons who can power up and take control of those they link with. Bumblebee ends up contacting Optimus who agrees to return to Earth. Eventually, the Relic Hunters discover the Dark StarSaber, which is immediately taken by the Scavengers, a team of bounty hunters hired by Starscream. While Starscream is impressed with the Dark StarSaber, he's actually after the Mini-Cons, but they've stolen the Relic Hunters ship and joined forces with the Autobots (after a little convincing from Optimus). But it's not long before Starscream is able to capture the Mini-Cons. It turns out these Mini-Cons were experimented on by Megatron but left locked in a lab in Darkmount and escaped after Starscream found them. Starscream plans to merge all 7 with himself to have the power to defeat Megatron (whom he feels abandoned the cause) and conquer the universe himself. He succeeds in merging the Mini-cons, but the Autobots manage to separate Aerobolt from Starscream, who then links with Optimus (becoming Power Surge Optimus Prime). With the power boost, the Autobots are able to work together to defeat Starscream and remove the Mini-Cons from him. The Mini-Cons decide to leave Earth in the ship they stole, while Optimus again returns to Cybertron with the captured Decepticons.

I have to say, I really liked the attention the writers gave to continuity with these episodes. Although the Autobot base that was destroyed in Prime shouldn't have any relics left, Bumblebee explains they actually had some secret levels. It's also revealed they had a base prior to that in Mount Saint Hilary. Although disappointingly, all we see of it is tunnels in a volcano. The Autobots also discover a video diary Bumblebee used to keep, but it shows him in his current form rather than his Prime body. Starscream also returns, explaining he managed to best the Predacons (by actually tripping a booby trap as he ran for it, apparently killing Skylynx and Darksteel but Predaking isn't shown). It's interesting to note Optimus explains he hasn't actually returned to Cybertron yet, waiting for some friends to investigate things with the Cybertronian Council first. Despite being a short segment of the season, it's disappointing they once again have done a relic hunt after the majority of Prime did it.