Plot synopsis for Predacons Rising

No noses? No problem! Zombiebots? Sure, why not. A confusing new canon that allows loose and contradictory material? And now a new sequel show with an entirely different art style that takes place way in the future!
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Re: Plot synopsis for Predacons Rising

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Tigermegatron wrote:What do you get out of all this?

Why do you need the answer so badly?

I am not on trial here,I don't need to fulfil any of your demands that you ask upon me.

You were not the one who I answered the question to. I could care less if you are satisfied with the answer or not.

I can't say that I really need an answer if you're just going to attack and insult me when I've never done anything of the sort to you. I was merely following up on the comments you'd made to BWprowl and the comments you'd originally made in that topic. I do find it telling how, in that topic, you'd made a HUGE deal out of your belief that the beast armor versions of the characters would appear in the show, to the point you were saying several of us were "just stupid/ill informed/no back research" to assume otherwise, and then you claimed such debates were pointless because fans "who were wrong never step forward & humbly admit it. most keep quiet or make up non-sense excuses." And now you're not directly answering BWprowl's question about who was right in the end about those appearing in the show. Instead, you just attack me for inquiring about that.

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