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Transformers Cyberverse

Postby Sparky Prime » Mon Sep 03, 2018 4:18 pm

The latest Transformers series has begun on Cartoon Network. In typical Cartoon Network fashion, they've already placed the series at the Saturday 630am slot with repeat showings at 330am, when kids that the series is aimed for are least likely see it, like they've done to previous Transformers series. Episodes are also only 11 minute long episodes rather than the usual 22 minutes.

The plot, the Allspark was sent off from Cybertron and the Decepticons have recently learned it is on Earth. Optimus sends Windblade to find it before the Decepticons, when she instead finds Bumblebee, who is suffering from memory loss and cannot talk (with his mouth at least). The two Autobots team up to battle Decepticons while Windblade attempts to use her Cityspeaker skills to help Bumblebee recover his memories.

Honestly, don't see the point of having Bumblebee unable to speak in yet another series. Especially when it doesn't hinder his ability to talk in this show, just how he talks. I also think the race to find the Allspark on Earth is a tired plot at this point, having had the movies and other cartoon series do that already. I do kinda like the idea of Bumblebee having lost his memories however, given how the series is using it so far to show how Bumblebee ended up where he is on Earth, and probably will eventually lead them to the Allspark as well. Animation wise, it's all CGI with somewhat of a G1 inspired style. It's a cartoony look but not overly so, I have to say I like it. I kinda think they could have done a better job with casting. Some of the actors just don't think have the right type of voice for their character. The episode length is somewhat of a problem, when two 11 minutes episodes really feels like they should be one 22 minute episode.
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