Anyone a Futurama fan? anyone watch the final season?

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Anyone a Futurama fan? anyone watch the final season?

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Anyone a Futurama fan? anyone watch the final season? As most know or don't know,After 13 years & several cancellations/hiatus breaks,Futurama has ended.

FEAR NOT,FANS OF FUTURAMA,the series isn't quite ended yet. Somewhere around 2013/2013,In the newer Simspons season on Fox,Their is going to be some kind of cross-overs simspson-futurama episode that will air on fox on sunday night either in 2013 or 2014.

I gotta say,As far as the final episode for the series goes,it was beyond awesome. often times some shows/cartoon end with awful final episode. I liked that the series writers for Futurama had the class to fans a final wrap up plot episode,I hate it when some shows/series end with no wrap up plot series final episode.

Rumors/speculations on why Futurama ended was due to the various cable/dish/whatever refusing to carry the comedy central channel. other Speculation is that comedy central was too greedy & refused to share the newer futurama movies/episodes with Fox & Cartoon network.

I watched a decent chunk of the last season episodes. I thought half of them were awful. While the other half were awesome.

I wasn't a fan of any of the Futurama movies,as most of them took things to the crazier exaggerated levels. I didn't like the over the top personalites each futurama character was given in the movies. Most of the stories/plots were epic awful in these movies.

As far as the whole Futurama cartoon series went. I thought it was beyond decent. I enjoyed how different it was from everything else. I like that it was basically a cartoon series created for a adult viewing audience. Most of the chracters I found entertaining & very unique from each other. about 75%+ of the episodes I enjoyed.

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