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Postby Sparky Prime » Wed Sep 11, 2019 1:02 pm

Edit: Having fully read the issue... Miles Morales Spider-Man #10 caught my attention because it seems to be revisiting the Ultimate Universe, sort of. It's Miles birthday, and he's reflecting on his life so far, having come from another universe and suffered some recent trauma. Peter stops by, and asks if he could check something out for him, as he's got the Savage Six to deal with, and realized Brooklyn has its own Spider-Man. At the address Peter gives him, Miles finds a warehouse with a dimensional portal generator in it, where he encounters Green Goblin... from the Ultimate Universe. They battle through the city, when Miles gets stepped on by a giant foot. Shrinking down, the new guy reveals himself to be "Ultimatum", a character that combines elements of various of the Ultimates (Giant Man's powers, Iron Man's boots and gauntlet, Caps shield, Thor's vest). Realizing who Miles is, Ultimatum tells Norman to back off and that he needs to think about this situation and to remember who is in charge. With the villains gone, and no clues at the warehouse, Miles returns home. Meanwhile, Ultimatum visits Kinpin, and explains he didn't find what he was looking for in the Ultimate universe, asking if he can run the streets again. Kingpin agrees, but doesn't want to be calling him "Ultimatum", who reveals himself to be 616 Miles Morales.

So yeah... I guess 616 Miles relationship with the Ultimate version of his wife didn't work out, and decided to come back. Not sure how he got his hands on the Ultimates gear, or why he's working with Norman. In a way, it is good to see a follow-up from the "Spider-Men II" mini-series, since the ending of that I felt was pretty lackluster. Using the name "Ultimatum" for his super hero identity feels like bad taste given how terrible that storyline was, yet also fitting since I don't think the 616 Miles Morales is an interesting character....
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Re: Comics are Awesome III

Postby andersonh1 » Wed Sep 18, 2019 4:31 pm

Justice League 32 - Doom War part 3
The issue continues the war in the past, present and future as Lex Luthor and Perpetua stand on the brink of winning. This is a middle chapter that keeps the plot moving without resolving too much, but it does in fact see several sets of heroes achieve their goals. Flash and GL with the JSA manage to obtain their piece of the totality, though not because they're particularly awesome, but because Aquaman shows up to bail them out. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Kamandi free Justice Legion A from Brainiac's control, but then he augments himself with future tech and threatens them. And Hawkgirl's group does indeed find Lex Luthor, with the Anti-Monitor (surprisingly) joining his two brothers to fight against Luthor and Perpetua. Lots of action, lots of plot crammed into the issue.

Flash Forward 1 of 6 -
The book I hope will undo the piece of crap that was Heroes in Crisis starts with Wally West in Blackgate Supermax prison with a suppression collar, wracked with guilt because he killed 13 people at Sanctuary. Needless to say, with so many crooks in that prison that Wally or someone he knows put there, he's a constant target, and he's not so sure he doesn't just want to let one of them be the guy who took out the Flash, because it would be easier. He doesn't want to see anyone, but he does have one visitor: Linda Park, his wife in the previous timeline. When Girder and Tarpit attack Wally in his cell, they break his collar and he discovers that he still has some fight left in him... he won't just sit there and let them kill him. He is then approached by some extradimensional being, Tempus Fuginaut (never heard of this guy) who needs the fastest being in the multiverse to fix... something. It's not quite clear. Some portion of the Dark Multiverse (I'm so tired of the multiverse storylines at this point) is a problem that Wally must solve, against his will. He's sent across the dimensions and the last page shows him meeting a badly wounded Calvin Ellis, President Superman. There's a subplot about Metron's Moebius chair, which I presume is left over from the Darkseid War storyline in Justice League.

I enjoyed Brett Booth's art when Titans Rebirth started, and that series was heavily focused on Wally, so it's good to see Booth drawing again. Not a bad first issue, given where Tom King left Wally, and I'm seriously hoping this is DC's version of a fix fic, that will do what the original Green Lantern Rebirth did for Hal Jordan, and find a way to undo the destruction of a perfectly serviceable character, who happens to be one of my favorites. I've been following Wally since the late 80s, on and off, and he's come a long way. Not many of DC's characters get the type of growth and change that he did, so here's hoping he can be fixed.
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