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Re: Deviations (IDW's themed cross-over)

Posted: Mon Mar 21, 2016 7:00 am
by andersonh1
I wonder how season three would play out in light of events from this comic? There's no Galvatron, and no Cyclonus to rally the troops. The badly demoralized Decepticons would probably hang out on Charr until they run out of Energon. There's no revival of Optimus Prime by the Quintessons since he never died, meaning the hate plague probably never got released. This is effectively the end of the war, rather than the drawn out coda with the Autobot/Earth alliance dealing with Decepticons as terrorists under Galvatron.

I wonder if the issue wouldn't have been more interesting if it didn't so much replay the plot of the movie, but instead went on to detail an alternate season three timeline? Though admittedly if it was hard to cram the movie plot into a single issue, a summary of an entire season probably wouldn't have worked well!