Rescuebots,Medic & hoist cartoon characters got the ax.

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Rescuebots,Medic & hoist cartoon characters got the ax.

Postby Tigermegatron » Tue Apr 22, 2014 4:44 am

Rescuebots,Medic & hoist cartoon characters got the ax. I can only assume the reason why these toys were created,So they could be added to the season 2 & 3 cartoon series of rescuebots. Similar to the cancelled TFP Dinobots,combiners,space pirates & elite guards ideas in favor of the Beast Hunters Predacons dragons theme.

I can only also assume Hasbro felt they needed to introduce more family members or human friends to drive around in hoist & medic. Hasbro might have initially wanted to do this. But felt it was too cost to pay more voice over actors. Hasbro probably didn't want to confuse younger kiddies with the dynamics of newer bots changing things on the team.

Looks like the rescanned newer vehicles & then rescanned beast modes for the 4 main bots,optimus & bumblebee replaced the idea of adding hoist & medic in the Rescuebots cartoon series.

I tried so many times to watch this rescuebots cartoon series. But it's so terrible,its just unwatchable garbage. Its gotta be hands down the worse TF cartoon series I have ever seen. This is coming from someone who saw every single TF cartoon series ever made including all the Japanese Takara TF cartoons series.
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Re: Rescuebots,Medic & hoist cartoon characters got the ax.

Postby Sparky Prime » Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:22 am

Hasbro sometimes does make some figures that were never intended to be in the cartoons you know... They were probably just toy-only characters Hasbro made up to help pad out the toyline a bit. Not unlike Transformers Prime Ironhide and Rumble, which also never appeared in the cartoon.
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