I'm hoping we don't get a Constructbots cartoon in Fall 2014

Ancillary, non-main-line stuff. Star Wars TF, Speed Stars, Titanium Series, Robot Heroes, that sort of thing. They're kinda neat, but we all know they're not really that important. Admit it, you know it's true.
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I'm hoping we don't get a Constructbots cartoon in Fall 2014

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Personally,This would be leaps & bounds worse than Rescue bots.

If we get any newer TF cartoon series in Fall 2014. My first choice would be a Generations/classics styled Retro type TF Cartoon series. this way we can get those toys designs in all the sizes like legends,commander,deluxe,voyager,super,leader & ultimate.

My 2nd choice would be for a spin off series in the TFP/BH universe that centered around the Evolution/introduction of the Maximals & The Predacons. it could be a all beast-bots series that is set a few centuries/generations into the future. Earth could get revisited but it would take place in the future on the earth not in the earth past like BW was. This could TFP/BH alternative universe BW. Maybe at some point re-intrduce the Transmetal 1 concept but make it better & now on all the bigger TF toy sizes like voyagers,super,leader & ultimate.

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