Shout,Armada full complete series getting released 3/11/2014

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Shout,Armada full complete series getting released 3/11/2014

Postby Tigermegatron » Tue Feb 04, 2014 4:20 pm

Shout,Armada full complete series getting released 3/11/2014. List Price: $44.99,SHOUT! PRICE: $37.99 DVD ... /news.html

Brace yourself to relive some of the most astonishing TRANSFORMERS battles between the AUTOBOTS and the DECEPTICONS through the complete series release of TRANSFORMERS ARMADA. In 2002, TRANSFORMERS fans and kids were introduced to the animated television series TRANSFORMERS ARMADA. This is the unforgettable chapter of TRANSFORMERS lore and the first part of the rare UNICRON Trilogy – consisting of ARMADA, ENERGON and CYBERTRON. OPTIMUS PRIME, his team of AUTOBOTS and their human friends stepped up the fight against MEGATRON and his DECEPTICONS for control of the universe and the power-enhancing MINI-CONS, a lost race of TRANSFORMERS. Valor, deception and unexpected twists unfolded in these captivating adventures, leading to an unlikely alliance between natural enemies in the face of a genuine evil known as UNICRON.
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Re: Shout,Armada full complete series getting released 3/11/

Postby andersonh1 » Tue Feb 04, 2014 6:42 pm

Nice. I'll be able to toss out my old off-air VHS copies!
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