Would anyone buy Masterpiece Beastwars 7.5 inch sized toys?

"What? Transformers made from animals instead of vehicles and stuff? Doesn't sound so great, throw it to Kenner division, maybe they can make a quick buck or something."
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Re: Would anyone buy Masterpiece Beastwars 7.5 inch sized to

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Shockwave wrote:
Onslaught Six wrote:
Mako Crab wrote:Are you one of those guys who bitches that Bluestreak was never blue?
Yes, but his name doesn't really have anything to do with that, I just like the Diaclone color scheme better. And in Bluestreak's case it has more to do with matching the outside of the box to what's inside the box (something Hasbro has never done on any release of the G1 Bluestreak).
I use to find the G-1 TF box art funny because they'd show a art sketch of the G-1 toy looking all super poseable. then when you'd play with the G-1 toy it would be a brick-former.

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