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Re: Transformers: Victory

Posted: Wed Feb 22, 2017 3:48 pm
by andersonh1
Episode 15 - Mach and Tackle

This is a nice little character-based episode with Mach and Tackle, who combine into Machtackle, or at one point Tacklemach, if they reverse. They're sent to investigate the sudden appearance of a crater in Canada, which turns out to be caused by an underground Decepticon hydroelectric plant diverting a river. Its' good to see the 'Cons actually trying to generate energy for once rather than steal it, and they hide the plant in what appears to be nothing more than an ordinary industrial facility. But their lack of knowledge of human culture gives them away, with no guard at the gate and no road leading to the plant. It's a fun little episode, and I like Mach and Tackle after watching it, two characters who fade into the background in almost every other episode.

Re: Transformers: Victory

Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 8:16 am
by andersonh1
16 - Fierce Battle! Asteroid
One of the things I enjoy about Victory is that they remember that it's supposed to be "the future", or what would have been the future in the late 80s anyway. Despite the fact that Earth generally looks like it's present day, there is a moon colony and space travel, as we saw in season 3 of the original G1 series. One assumes it's thanks to the presence of Transformers on Earth that technology has advanced. And the plot of this episode hinges on Decepticons out in the asteroid belt capturing spacecraft, putting their human crews to work and stripping the ships for parts and energy. Star Saber disguises himself inside a shell made to look like a spacecraft, allows himself to be captured, and breaks up the Decepticon plot.

17 - Planet Micro - The Mysterious Warrior
This is the first of a trilogy of episodes set on the homeworld of the Micromasters as Star Saber and the Rescue Team (and Jean) travel there to fill in for Ginrai as protectors, since he's having major problems with Overlord and his troops. There's a brief but nice shot of the Masterforce cast as Ginrai describes the situation. On Micro, Decepticons have been carrying out attacks and sabotage, and it turns out to be Hellbat and two hired thugs: Blue Bacchus and Black Shadow. They are confronted by Greatshot, a former mercenary and six-changer who now works with the Autobots.

18 - Rescue Guyhawk!
The Chestforce are all meeting, minus Hellbat, to discuss how much they dislike him. They set that aside temporarily in order to work together than spring their old comrade Guyhawk from prison on the planet Micro. This is a prison break episode, featuring lots of random genericons escaping from an exploding prison, and a vendetta between Guyhawk and Greatshot as the two fight while the prison falls down around them. This is a major victory for the Decepticons, one of several they win over the course of this series, and we'll see why next episode.

19 - Unite Liokaiser
The Chestforce plot to get rid of Hellbat since another of their team, Deathcobra, is on his way. Hellbat overhears this and freaks out, not wanting to lose his position on the team. He goes to meet Deathcobra and try to convince him not to respond to the call for help, but is refused, and the desperate Hellbat resorts to pointing his guy at his fellow Decepticon, and then kills him in teh ensuing firefight. Now he's really in trouble, but he spots Stakeout nearby and goes to blame him. Star Saber comes in to investigate when Stakeout calls for help, and despite Leozack being doubtful that the micromaster could have killed the far larger and stronger Deathcobra, has no problem with killing Star Saber. The six Chestforce members combine into Liokaiser, and nearly kill Star Saber until Ginrai appears to help, and the two are able to fight Liokaiser off.

I had expected his actions in this episode to come back to bite Hellbat, but so far they haven't, and I've nearly reached the end of the series. Seems like a missed opportunity if there are no consequences.

20 - Transformers Warriors Assembled
Another clip show in a series full of them. I'm honestly not sure why there are so many so often for Victory, unless they're just padding out the episode numbers. This one focuses somewhat on the various combiners.

21 - Resurrection of the Decepticon Fortress?
A crucial episode for the series, and one that examines what motivates Deathsaurus. His vendetta with Star Saber is very personal, and in a flashback we see where Star Saber and an Autobot army was able to seal Deathsaurus's planet killing fortress away in a dark nebula. Deathsaurus's whole goal in gathering energy is to get enough to power up his fortress and break it free. He has enough for a test and is satisfied that the fortress is still functional. On the way back to Earth he happens across Star Saber and the crew on the Galaxy Shuttle heading back to Earth from Micro, and while he takes on Star Saber, the Dinoforce attack the shuttle. Once again, Star Saber is nearly killed, this time by Deathsaurus, and there are scenes of him being sliced into pretty badly by Deathsaurus's swords. But he gets lucky: Deathsaurus used up too much of his energy reserves in testing his fortress, so he is unable to complete the kill shot with his metal destroying cannon. The crew on Galaxy Shuttle have fought off the Dinoforce, so with the odds turning against him, Deathsaurus opts to retreat for now.