Thundercracker is the best-looking seeker

The originals... ok, not exactly, but the original named "The TransFormers" anyway. Take THAT, Diaclone!
Generation 1, Generation 2 - Removable fists? Check. Unlicensed vehicle modes? Check. Kickass tape deck robot with transforming cassette minions? DOUBLE CHECK!!!
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Re: Thundercracker is the best-looking seeker

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Even before my eyes deteriorated (at least 5 years before in fact), I was missing the ends of the visible spectrum. Reds and purples tend to blur for me, and always have. I can match a colour wheel because I can read, not necessarily because I can see the different colours. (Cyan and green are difficult for me to differentiate between, as are red and magenta. I also have trouble with greys against certain purples and greens.)

Now, with my eyes being uneven (images not quite corresponding between them and varying quality of images) even more variation is visible. One of my eyes sees more detail, which muddies colours. The other is generally more blurry, but picks up general hues pretty well. (Focusing is all but impossible, as my eyes no longer "sync" properly.)

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Re: Thundercracker is the best-looking seeker

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Shockwave wrote:Jesus Christ, I think I would freak the fuck out if that ever happened to me. I mean, if your eyes can really be that wrong about something then how do we know anything we see is real? Why even bother seeing at all? Might as well just gouge my eyes out and be done with it! I mean, how do I know I'm wearing pants? I see pants, but if my eyes are lying to me then maybe I'm really not wearing pants? I feel like I have them and I feel like I was putting something over my legs this morning, but I dunno man! All of reality is in question now! And now Dirge's wings are yellow instead of brown, but might maybe still be brown... what? Black is white, up is down dogs and cats living together MASS HYSTERIA!!!
Really? That's not a very logical way to respond. :p

Our optics already do weird stuff since everything that enters our eyeballs hits the retina upside down, the spot where the retinal nerve meets the eyeball is a blindspot right in the middle of your vision, the chemicals in your eyes and your eyes are fooled by all number of optical illusions. In fact, the dress one is just an advanced version of the one on the follow page named "Simultaneous Contrast": ... omena.html
Onslaught Six wrote:I think Dirge's wings depend on which version you're looking at, too. The cartoon will obviously have different shades than the G1 toy, Generations, the Botcon one, the comic, etc.

What colour is Ramjet? Is he white and red? Or is he white and maroon?!
I was using the G1 original version as my template.

Maroon is a version of red. Brown is red and yellow with blue or black added, depending on shade.
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