hard to believeTakara release 4 new mold MP TF toys in 2014?

The originals... ok, not exactly, but the original named "The TransFormers" anyway. Take THAT, Diaclone!
Generation 1, Generation 2 - Removable fists? Check. Unlicensed vehicle modes? Check. Kickass tape deck robot with transforming cassette minions? DOUBLE CHECK!!!
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hard to believeTakara release 4 new mold MP TF toys in 2014?

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It's just hard to believe that Takara will be capable of releasing 4 new molds MP TF toys in 2014? Due to Takara Previous MP TF toys track record. MP Wheeljack,MP Bumblebee,MP Ultra Magnus & MP Starsabre.

My Guess is the MP TF Starsabre,fan choice MP TF. will get released in 2015,just in time for Takara's 30th TF toy anniversary. the TF brand in Takara Japan started in 1985 not 1984.

I suppose it might be possible to release one of two of the smaller scale MP TF's in 2014. but I don't see takara releasing both wheeljack & bumblebee in the same 2014 year. Most likely if it's bumblebee,he'll get a few repaints/remolds different personas using the mold like Cliffjumper,Goldbug,maybe the herbie love bug colors,maybe the female botcon persona+colors. If it's Wheeljack,well get regular,marlboro,UK Actionmaster Slice & whatever else.

It's debattable if Takara is capable of releasing a bigger MP TF toy like Ultra Magnus on it's set promised release date of August 2014. MP-09 Rodimus also had a August release date that got pushed back to the next year in January/February. I suspose since it's a repaint uaing the MP-10 Convoy cab-bot. With a new trailer/suit of armor,it's possible,buty i'm not holding my breath for this one.

Lets not all forget,The 2014 TF toy year promises to be a big one,with various lines wrapping up & newer ones just starting. We've still got a few months in early 2014 that Hasbro & Takara will rush out all the last new molds & repaints for TFP/BH. The TF4 toys will consume the assembly plants time overseas & stores world wide for months at a time in 2014. Most suspect the 2014 30th Generations toy line will be huge,maybe bigger than the 2013 line & it may not go on any Hiatus breaks in 2014 to allow the TF4 toys to dominate for a while. Lastly,We all know Hasbro will try there best to release a few 2014 fall newer TF cartoon toys in December of next year. With all this going on,I just don't see how it's possible for Takara to release Four new mold MP TF toys in 2014.

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