MP G-2 Sideswipe,MP Soundblaster with Ratbat official images

The originals... ok, not exactly, but the original named "The TransFormers" anyway. Take THAT, Diaclone!
Generation 1, Generation 2 - Removable fists? Check. Unlicensed vehicle modes? Check. Kickass tape deck robot with transforming cassette minions? DOUBLE CHECK!!!
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MP G-2 Sideswipe,MP Soundblaster with Ratbat official images

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MP-12G G2 Sideswipe & MP-14B Soundblaster with Rat Bat Official Images. ... ges/28295/

My 2 cents: I love the Ratbat media character due to his awesome appearances/persona in the Marve G-1 TF comics. So i'm definately interested in getting this MP Ratbat. I already own the Hasbro TRU MP Soundwave. So I'm not interested in buying MP Soundblaster just for Ratbat.

I liked the Takara MP G-2 Sideswipe pics that were released on the internet months ago. ... led/27567/
I'm not fond of all of that red on the newer official pics. I thought all that black & white was a unique color scheme. I also thought the black & white seemed more serious & more mature colors

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