IDW to Publish Transformers 1984 #0 in July

The originals... ok, not exactly, but the original named "The TransFormers" anyway. Take THAT, Diaclone!
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IDW to Publish Transformers 1984 #0 in July

Postby andersonh1 » Mon Apr 01, 2019 7:08 am

Sounds like a very retro series, but if it's Furman and Guidi, I'm in. ... 84-0-july/

But in July, as the Transformers series at UDW is rebooting, he is being invited back for a special one-shot, titled Transformers 84 #0 which may kick off a new Transformers comic book series based around the original nineteen-eighties cartoon and comic publication of Transformers. Maybe giving Simon a little more control from the get go this time.

Announced by IDW at WonderCon yesterday, the comic will be drawn by Guido Guidi, who has another long history working on Transformers comics for both Dreamwave and IDW.
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Re: IDW to Publish Transformers 1984 #0 in July

Postby Dominic » Mon Apr 01, 2019 9:13 am

Of what is definitely known, the most interesting thing is that IDW is openly saying this one-shot is a pitch for an ongoing series. It is not surprise that they are trying this. But, the honesty is refreshing.)

Normally, I would be skeptical about having Furman come back, yet again.

"ReGeneration One" was about as definitive a coda to his time with the franchise as I would have expected. And, while that was based on his notes from 20+ years earlier, Rob Tokar (the original editor) has noted that they enjoyed significant creative freedom on the last year of the original "Transformers" run. (The lack of editorial and corporate oversight was a function of nobody caring more than anything else. But, it meant that Tokar, Furman and the rest had creative freedom.) How much more could Furman have to say about/with Transformers?

But, Furman more or less recovered from the slump he was in ~15 years ago. I have not quite forgiven him for "Beast Wars". But, I do trust him not to pull that kind of stunt again.
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